Publisher: About Game Feed

At we have built a complete and flexible API system to let publishers (and everybody with some coding skills actually) integrate our games in a very easy and customizable way. Follow a few simple steps to achieve a correct and fully functionable integration!

How To Create A Game Feed
Please go to create a game feed. In the page, you can filter games by developer sites, game tags and etc. When click "Create The Game Feed", you'll get a URL of the game feed.

What Will The Game Feed Output?
If the user who request the game feed is unverified, it will output "wrong user status".
If there is no game, it will output "there is nothing".
If there is no error, it will output games information in JSON or XML format.

How A Game Object Is Represented
APIs return Games into a JSON or XML in this format:

id: a unique identifier for the game
name: the game name
type: game format: swf, dcr, unity3d, html5
description: the game description
control: how to play the game
tags: tags of the game, split by ","
category: main category of the game. jigsaw, puzzle, 3D, action, shooting, cooking, adventure, sports, escape, casino, driving, physics, fighting, strategy, defense, multiplayer, girl, music, rhythm, arcade, platform, other
thumb: a 180x135 pixels icon of the game
filetype: local (you can place the game file on your server), iframe (you need to iframe the game file)
file: the url of the game file. You are NOT allowed to hotlink the file unless you add a link to on your homepage
width: the game width in pixels
height: the game height in pixels
size: the game size in byte
ad: whether the game contain advertisement, 0: no advertisement, 1: contain advertisement
copyright: whether the game contain copyrighted content, 0: no copyrighted content, 1: contain copyrighted content
resize: whether the game is resizable. 0: NOT resizable, 1: resizable
wmode_direct: only valid if the game format is flash (.swf). 1: set wmode=direct when you embed the flash
mobile: whether the game is playable on mobile and pad. 1: yes, 0:no
m_width: the game width on mobile (in pixels), only available when mobile=1
m_heighth: the game height on mobile (in pixels), only available when mobile=1
site: developer's site domain
publishDate: publish date of the game